AdEQUATE – A model for evaluating software quality of telemedicine and telehealth systems

AdEQUATE is a lightweight model to evaluate the degree of software quality perceived by the end user of telemedicine or telehealth systems.

The model has been developed by systematically decomposing the evaluation goal into measures and defining a data collection instrument.

It provides a ready-to-use kit (including a questionnaire and analysis spreadsheet) to software engineers, e-health policy makers and researchers to evaluate the software quality of information systems designed for either telehealth or more specific telemedicine applications.

As the model is applied in a one-shot post-test research design it can be used quickly in a non-intrusive way by a sample of users with different degrees of experiences with the system (ranging from users that are highly familiar with the system to users that have starting to use the system recently and/or in the end of usability tests).

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Check out our publications on AdEQUATE:

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