Usability Engineering

Our digital lifestyles have changed dramatically in recent years: we make calls from our laptops, watch movies on our phones, actively interact with documentaries on large Digital TV screens and read documents on our iPads while doing our work on desktops with large high-resolution displays.

Within this scenario of digital convergence, diverse kinds of informations and applications are converging into a single device. For example, today a mobile phone is used not only for making calls, but can play music, take pictures, send emails, etc.

On the other side, this creates a trend to digital divergence, which means that information and/or applications that have conventially been associated with a single device are now being distributed and accessed through other devices such as, mobile phones, IDTV, etc. leading to the development of new forms of media technology such as telephony, which today can be done over the internet of via Interactive Digital TV, rather than through the dedicated transmission lines that regular phones use.

Yet, this technological context imposes new challenges in user interface engineering, as it must consider the characteristics of various devices and accommodate the capabilities of a wide diversity of users and different contexts of use.

MATCH – Measuring usability of touchscreen phone applications

MATCH-MED – Customizing heuristics for evaluating healthcare applications for smartphones

UPCASE – Method for self-assessing the capability of the usability process in small organizations

Sketch2aia – Webtool for automatic transforming a sketch into a wireframe in App Inventor

AIX – Heurísticas UX para aplicativos móveis baseados em aprendizado profundo com classificação de imagem


INE5624 Engenharia de Usabilidade (CCO)

INE410138DO/ME Design de Interface de Usuário com Design Thinking (PPGCC/UFSC)